Hi, my name is

Daryl Magera.

I build things for the web.

I’m a Full-Stack Developer specializing in building exceptional digital experiences.
Currently, I’m focused on building accessible, human-centered products(while offering graphics support) at Global 5.

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A versatile programmer and web developer, I deliver digital products and services that consistently exceed clients’ expectations. My current responsibilities include front-end user experience (UX), maintaining content management systems (WordPress), both server-side and client-side application development, and database management. I'm adept at testing and debugging; cross-platform compatibility and optimization; developing application programming interfaces (APIs) and RESTful services; search engine optimization; and ADA/508 compliance. I also provide graphic design support for Global-5’s public outreach efforts. When I'm not busy learning the latest programming techniques, I enjoy watching and playing soccer.

Full-Stack Developer | Global 5

  •   Manage both back-end and front-end aspects of development process.
  •   Building projects in PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and, custom WordPress themes.
  •   Built a downloadable WordPress plugin called Apogee Menu.
  •   Programming applications and tools using object oriented languages with goals of code abstraction, stability and reuse.
  •   Built the trip planner for I-4 Express lanes, using vanilla JavaScript, Webpack for bundling, Babel for backwards compatibility, and Google Maps API.
  •   Picked up some illustrator and, InDesign skills by drawing detour maps for upcoming closures along the I-4, and graphical handouts (Graphics Support).
  •   Create Monthly newsletter templates.
  •   Expert at googling (:

Front End Developer | Ascend Inbound Marketing

  •   Worked with product designers and product managers to design user interactions in applications.
  •   Worked on a custom Wordpress theme that will later be converted into a hubspot theme.
  •   Used a templating language called Hubl.
  •   Contributed to building modules and made continuous improvements on the parent theme.
  •   Utilized Hubdb to store data (not sensitive) and pulled the data into a project.
  •   Certified in Hubspot academy for the development course.

Jr Web Developer | Markentum

  •   Maintained and help build custom themes on one of the biggest CMS platforms called WordPress.
  •   Pulled files from the server to local development using FTP.
  •   Built pages using Html, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, and PHP.
  •   Utilized ACF (Advanced Custom Fields).
  •   Created custom post types.
  •   Optimized and resized images using Photoshop.
  •   Added newly requested features to websites.
  •   Responsible for monthly backups.

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