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FDOT (Florida Department of Transportation) has been working on a way to relieve traffic congestion on the i4 general-use lanes, especially in the Orlando area. The solution was to build the i4 express lanes. These lanes are a little bit different from your typical express lane because the exit points don’t match the general-use lanes’ exit points. To give you a brief example; If you decided to take the i4 express lane, and your exit is 70B. You’d have to make sure you can exit out of the express lane before exit 70B or you’ll miss your exit since the exits of both i4 express, and i4 general use, don’t match.

—- How it works —-
This application lets you select your desired entry point (after selecting the direction you are traveling, in this case, it’s either Eastbound or Westbound), then only shows the exits available depending on the entry point selected (starting from the closest to the furthest). By clicking on the points marked on the map, a pop-up displays a detailed mini-map and text with instructions on the selected point.


FDOT, I4 Express


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